How to tell if Santa came

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Step 1. Leave a snack and a drink for Santa and carrots for his reindeer’if they are eaten he probably came.

Step 2. when you are sleeping listen for sleigh bells and reindeer walking on the roof.

Step 3. on the wrapped gifts look for any dark spots because it’s quite likely for chimney ashes to transfer on the presents.

Step.4 Look at your living room to see if any has been knocked over by Santa’s gift sac.

fun fact:The reindeer names Donner and Blitzen come from the words thunder and lightning in German

Merry Christmas,
Sincerely Morgan.

One thought on “How to tell if Santa came

  1. Samantha

    Hi Morgan!
    I’m Samantha from New Jersey! Your points on how to tell if santa came are quite clever. I would never think to check the presents for ashes but that makes sense! You should go into law enforcement or be a detective, you sound very observant! Also, I had no idea Donner and Blitzen mean thunder and lightening in German! How did you know that?


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