How to tell if Santa came

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Step 1. Leave a snack and a drink for Santa and carrots for his reindeer’if they are eaten he probably came.

Step 2. when you are sleeping listen for sleigh bells and reindeer walking on the roof.

Step 3. on the wrapped gifts look for any dark spots because it’s quite likely for chimney ashes to transfer on the presents.

Step.4 Look at your living room to see if any has been knocked over by Santa’s gift sac.

fun fact:The reindeer names Donner and Blitzen come from the words thunder and lightning in German

Merry Christmas,
Sincerely Morgan.

Nintendo Switch: A Fun Game to Play!

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A few days ago my parents got a new game system called a Nintendo Switch. Above my writing you will see a picture of a Nintendo Switch with a controller.

We have two games on our Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey  and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In the Super Mario Game, there are these creatures called Koopas that try to destroy you .Zelda is this manga animated game that takes place in the woods.

The extremely cool thing bout the Nintendo Switch is that you can play it in the car on long trips.

What kind of game systems do you have?



Twilight Sparkle: Perfect Pony

Twilight Sparkle is from the tv show My Little Pony. She is the main character of the show. She is has both wings and a horn. She is one of the princesses in Equestria, which is the land that they live in. She used to live in Canterlot city and now she lives in Ponyville. One of her personalities is studying about friendship and helping other ponies.

One of her traits is Risk taking. Twilight Sparkle is a risk taker because she and her friends go out of their comfort zone when they have to save Equestria. They would be happier to hang out together, but sometimes they have to fight villains.

Another trait she represents is thinking. When she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she thinks about it and remembers. For example, when she thought the elements of harmony were in the labyrinth she was surprised. But when she used her thinking skills, she retraced her steps and realized that the elements of harmony were in one of her books all along!

There’s one more trait she also represents, and that is being confident. Twilight Sparkle is very confident when she studies friendship. Before she became princess, she had to take a test by protecting the Crystal Empire.  When she was in doubt, her Dragon Spike helped her save the empire. At the end and she passed her test.

Twilight Sparkle, although she is a make-believe cartoon character, teaches us lessons that can help in real life. She shows many traits of being a successful learner. We could all try to be better risk takers, better thinkers, and better at being confident



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Unicorns aren’t real although I really wish they were. Many years ago a Greek historian invented a legend  about a rainbow-horned creature. They are very majestic creatures that live in the forest by the waterfalls.

There once was a creature that the scientists called the giant unicorn. It doesn’t look as cool as the ones in fairy tales. Unicorn horns can bring dead things back to life and cure sicknesses. Ancient unicorn horns are actually narwhal teeth, northern traders were able to pass them down as unicorns and they were sold for large amounts of money.

Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland. There one was coin called the unicorn that was worth 18 shillings Scotts.

What’s your favourite  legendary or imaginary animal?


All About Me

Hi, my name is Morgan.
I’m 12 years old.
My favourite animal is a unicorn.
I have a dog named Tory, and a cat named Spartacus.
I am a self taught artist. I have been drawing for almost 3 years.
I’m  also known as the royal unicorn trainer in my teacher’s make believe land, Smarthlandia.
I have been going to Brooklyn Elementary for 8 years.
My favourite colour is blue.
I am a vegetable hater.
My favourite fruit is watermelon.
I’ve been horse back riding for 7 years, but still get put on lead but that’s okay.
I’m fine motor challenged, and I have autism spectrum disorder. That means that my brain thinks differently than my classmates, but its mild.
I’m a self taught gymnast. I know some gymnastics moves.
I go to a choir for people with different disabilities,  and  strengths, and I really like it.
By Morgan from Ms. Smith’s class.