Nintendo Switch: A Fun Game to Play!

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A few days ago my parents got a new game system called a Nintendo Switch. Above my writing you will see a picture of a Nintendo Switch with a controller.

We have two games on our Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey  and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In the Super Mario Game, there are these creatures called Koopas that try to destroy you .Zelda is this manga animated game that takes place in the woods.

The extremely cool thing bout the Nintendo Switch is that you can play it in the car on long trips.

What kind of game systems do you have?



7 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch: A Fun Game to Play!

  1. Erin Richter

    Awesome post Morgan.
    Your Dad and I have been having lots of fun playing Mario with you.
    I especially like how you keep trying, even when the game becomes difficult!
    Looking forward to trying it out on our road trip to Vancouver!
    Keep blogging!!!
    Mom 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Hi Morgan! It’s Sarah.
    I really like this post! I’m actually saving up for a Nintendo Wii. I had one a long time ago, but it’s gone now. It’s strange because on every Nintendo device I have, my favorite game is always either Pokemon Moon or Mario Kart. Usually Mario Kart. I have a lot of Nintendo devices. Anyway, have a great day Morgan!

    1. Morgan Post author

      Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for reading my blog post.I haven’t played Mario Kart before but, I’ve played the Super Mario Odessey. I think it’s kind of similar. Is Mario Kart a fun game to play for you?
      Sincerely Morgan

  3. scofiabi

    Hi Morgan!
    I like that you told us about what games you have and a little bit about them.
    I wish you could have gave credit the the person the took that picture. I wonder how much it cost’s.
    Come visit my blog

  4. Jessica Burton

    Hello Morgan,

    Our class is checking out blogs on this website. When someone mentions video games, I am all ears. I do not own a Nintendo Switch, but I have played Super Mario games on the Nintendo Wii and GameCube! My favorite game for the Wii is definitely Mario Kart. I used to be really good at that game. Have you played it? I was always a fan of gaming systems, but I’ve slowly migrated to computer games such as World of Warcraft. I’ve been a gamer since I was a little girl! Anyway, I loved your post and I hope you have a great day!

    – Jessica Burton

  5. Zachary Burns

    Hello Morgan, my name is Zach. The Nintendo Switch is such a cool gaming system. My roommate has one and he loves it. I always walk into our room and see him playing it. How do you like Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda? I have an Xbox One. My favorite game to play on it is Fortnite. It is a game where 100 people land on an island and have to survive and it is so much fun. It was nice getting to know a little about you Morgan!

  6. Preston

    I would love to have a Nintendo switch Mario kart and Zelda are my preferred Nintendo games sadly i don’t have one. I do have a PS4 and an X-BOX ONE but not a Nintendo switch have fun.


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