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Unicorns aren’t real although I really wish they were. Many years ago a Greek historian invented a legend  about a rainbow-horned creature. They are very majestic creatures that live in the forest by the waterfalls.

There once was a creature that the scientists called the giant unicorn. It doesn’t look as cool as the ones in fairy tales. Unicorn horns can bring dead things back to life and cure sicknesses. Ancient unicorn horns are actually narwhal teeth, northern traders were able to pass them down as unicorns and they were sold for large amounts of money.

Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland. There one was coin called the unicorn that was worth 18 shillings Scotts.

What’s your favourite  legendary or imaginary animal?


6 thoughts on “Unicorns

  1. Gabi

    Hey Morgan!
    Wow! This post had lots of information! How do you know all these facts? I think that’s really cool that unicorns are the national animal of Scotland. I think unicorns are so unique. You never know, they might exist! It kinda depends on what you believe in.
    My favourite legendary animals would probably be a unicorn, pegasus, dragons are pretty cool, and griffins or a hippogriff like Buckbeak from Harry Potter.
    Happy blogging!

  2. Kayley

    Hey Morgan,
    I love this post and I love unicorns! In fact I’m wearing unicorn pjs as I am writing this. You seam like you are an absolute expert on unicorns. I think that Scotland is very lucky to have their national animal as a unicorn. Did you know all of these facts before writing this post?
    Have a wonderful day,

    1. Morgan Post author

      Hi Kayley!
      Thanks for reading my blog post.
      I learned some of these facts from a video, and yes i knew those facts before the video.
      I think that it is cool that Scotland ‘s national animal is A unicorn too!
      Thanks again for reading my blog post!

  3. Morgan

    Hi Gabi!
    Thanks for reading my picture post.
    I think also think that buck beak from harry potter cool.
    I saw a video called 5 true facts about unicorns some
    of my information was from that video.
    I also think that it’s cool that unicorns are the national
    animal of Scotland.
    I think that it’s awesome that you learned more about
    unicorns form this blog post!

  4. Jenna Beth Wincek

    Hello Morgan.
    Your post on unicorns is very interesting. I was not aware of the ancient mythology surrounding them. Although I have never seen a unicorn, I have seen an arbarian oryx. These are creatures that look a little like deer, but have two large horns on their head. From the side, they look like unicorns, and are often credited with the creation of the unicorn legend. If you have a opportunity, I recommend you look for a local zoo or safari that has one of these beautiful creatures to go see. Thank you for sharing your post!
    Jenna Beth


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