Monthly Archives: October 2017

All About Me

Hi, my name is Morgan.
I’m 12 years old.
My favourite animal is a unicorn.
I have a dog named Tory, and a cat named Spartacus.
I am a self taught artist. I have been drawing for almost 3 years.
I’m  also known as the royal unicorn trainer in my teacher’s make believe land, Smarthlandia.
I have been going to Brooklyn Elementary for 8 years.
My favourite colour is blue.
I am a vegetable hater.
My favourite fruit is watermelon.
I’ve been horse back riding for 7 years, but still get put on lead but that’s okay.
I’m fine motor challenged, and I have autism spectrum disorder. That means that my brain thinks differently than my classmates, but its mild.
I’m a self taught gymnast. I know some gymnastics moves.
I go to a choir for people with different disabilities,  and  strengths, and I really like it.
By Morgan from Ms. Smith’s class.